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Spitfire 1940 Spitfire 1940

Rated 5 / 5 stars

really nice game

I really like the game and the atmosphere.
Also I personally really like the simplicity of the game that there are only few types of units that need to be used wisely. I think different types of ground units would make the game too complicated.

Here are some small things that might be improved:
- during some bombing pictures I saw some small graphic bugs on the left/down corners of the screen.
- some newspaper information disappears too fast
- Have you thought of including AA-guns that have a certain chance to shoot down an airplane and are also placed in a city? Maybe they might also need a recruit to be used. Somehow I missed them a bit for this battle.
- When reading the game title I somehow expected some simple action game where you control a spitfire. Here we have a strategy simulation where the spitfire is not the only aspect. No big deal though.

- The whole game makes a really nice historical impression except of one thing:
The ending. Why did you write that "germany surrenders"? There was no surrender, the plans for an invasion of britain were just cancelled and the bombings decreased. I understand the point of rewarding the player for winning but I would chose some different text.

Good job and good luck with your future games! :-)

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mad shark mad shark

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nice game

The game might be very difficult and you die too easy but I still like this game.
The Idea is cool and the graphics are nice.
My biggest problem with this game besides the difficulty is the fact that its too repetative:
The divers always act the same way and the fishes always spawn on the same places.